Going Down Under

Yes, we are taking a big leap and are going down under. Both my wife and son are Australian and since November 2012 I'm one as well. We have been thinking a long time about moving to Australia as my wife really missed being home. Due to certain circumstances we are moving there a year sooner then expected.

We are currently in the process of moving and all the camera's and tools are already on their way to Australia. The shop and services being down are only temporarily. We will be back and hope to be so as soon as possible.

A BIG thank you!

We want to thank everyone for all the given support, joy and instant love that we received over the last few years. It's not just saying goodbye to some customers, it's saying goodbye to a community where we share a passion with.

Although we are moving to the other side of the globe, the postmen is any a couple of days away and we do still offer all our services world wide.

Hope to be back in an instant.
Joost Siebeling