Optics Result
Clean lens assembly
Clean idler gear
Check lens assembly for scratches
Check photo cell light meter (also included in Final test)
Check and clean for corrosion on cam follower assembly
Check for idler wheel backlash
Mirrors Result
Clean Fresnel viewing mirror (if needed)
Clean Fresnel screen (if needed)
Clean taking mirror (if needed)
Check for broken or loose fixed viewing mirror
Check for broken or loose Fresnel viewing mirror
Check for broken or loose Taking mirror
Bellow Result
Cleaning of the bellow
Check for obvious damage
Check for general lightleaks
Check for light leaks at viewfinder
Check for light leaks at wafer lens light stop
Viewfinder assembly Result
Cleaning of viewvinder assembly
Clean concave parabolic mirror
Clean eye lens
Check lamellas for dents / folding
Check concave parabolic mirror for scratches
Check eye lens mirror for scratches
Leather Result
Clean leather trim
Check for loose leather
Roller assembly Result
Clean rollers
Remove all old developer fluid
Check for loose stop latch
Check distance between rollers
Mechanics Result
Clean every indifidual gear
Check the exposure counter
Check every individual gear for wear
Check pick latch (also included in Final test)
Battary compartment Result
Clean compartment
Check for corrosion
Body Result
Clean camera body
Check for clean decal mirror cover (replace if needed)
Check for cracks and dents
Check alignment of the body
Final test Result
Run one full cycle with test film: 1 darkslide, 8 photo's
Run 50 exposures with 6 volts test film pack
Run 5 exposures with changing light conditions to check light sensor
Run at least 1 exposure with flash unit
Strain test motor coupling
Take one test shot with focus on photo quality (include in order)