Type: SX-70 Original
Date: 1972 -1977
Shutter: Hybrid
Shutter speed:10 sec to 1/175
Aperture range:F/8- F/22
Focus: Split-image finder
Item Code: SX70

Size: 100 x 125 x 10
Weight: 0.683 kg

Stock : 1

Uses Film

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Back in 2 weeks!

Dr. Land's original creation.
The famous folding SLR instant camera in all it's elegance is back.

The Original SX-70 was produced between 1972 and 1977, and brought to you by Vintage Instant to last an other 40 years.

All camera's are hand checked, cleaned, tested and refurbished. And do not leave the shop until it produced a great instant photo.

Although all our cameras are in excellent condition they all have some traces of 40 years of use. So expect some traced of wear (minor scratches on the chrome and leather, but never cracks in the body), or as we like to call it "Character".

So if you have any special request please leave a comment during the order process or send us an email.

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Customer Reviews

After having had a big miss at 2 eBay buys I decided to spend my money wisely. Two months down the road and this camera still brings me joy every day I use it.
Camera was heel leuk verpakt in een handig zakje wat ik nog steeds gebruik. Testrapport en testfoto gaven mij net even wat meer zekerheid. Support tijdens en na de koop was super.