Manufacturer: Sylvania
Manufacturer: Osram
Manufacturer: Polaroid
Manufacturer: General Electric
Type: 10 flashes per bar
Item Code: FLS

Size: 11 x 5 x 2
Weight: 0.041 kg

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Flash Bar

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Sylvania, Osram, Polaroid or General Electric Flash Bar is a disposable flash bar that will give you 10 guaranteed flashes. The flash bars come in their original packing.

This flash bar will fit on any SX-70 model.

The quality of the packing can vary per item. Before using these flash bar's make sure the connector is clean, they can sometimes be a bit corroded.

Customer Reviews

Almost seems a waste burning up one of these bars. But it does it's job, and it always attracts a lot of people when I use one of these.