Film Speed: ISO 600/DIN 29
Type: Colour Integral Instant Film.
Development: 10 minutes at 21°C
Item Code: PX680FF

Size: 10 x 2 x 2
Weight: 0.1 kg

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PX 680 Color Shade First Flush

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The First Flush Edition of the PX 680 Color Shade film is Impossible's first, experimental color material for type 600 cameras and introduces a magical new color palette within the classic white frame. Being First Flush material this PX 680 FF material will show variances in color balance, in saturation and in contrast. Images may also show a light dot shaped pattern in the dark areas.

PX 680 Color Shade FF images are sensitive to light during their first seconds outside of the camera. Shield the images from light immediately after their ejection from the camera and during the first four minutes of development to get stunningly colorful images. PX film website / Film Manual

One pack of PX 680 Color Shade First Flush Edition delivers 8 uniquely colorful images and works in all Polaroid 600 cameras, as well as all SX 70 cameras equipped with an ND filter.

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